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Monday, May 31, 2004

Launceston to Liffey Falls to Deloraine

[image]Over the last couple of days, I'd tried contactin Zinta to organise the Walls of Jerusalem with her, without success. I decided to just go ahead and hire a car, and prepare for the trip. I rang a couple of car hire places, and settled on one near the hostel for $30 per day for an older blue laser. (Interestingly, it looked just like Gaye's car)

I decided to go out to Liffey and check out the falls, which would already be going against the insurance conditions, as it says not to go on unsealed roads, but thats pretty hard in tassie. The drive to Liffey was through farming pastures and was pretty, as far as rural areas go.
As I neared Liffey, which is not really a town, just a locality, I could see the bluffs of the Great Western Tiers rising up above the farmland. Soon, Dry's Bluff was visible, it's top wreathed in cloud, and below it, Bob Brown's house standing out on the hillside. The road turned to gravel, and I drove slowly and very carefully as I didn't want to have an accident where insurance would be void. The road plunged into eucalypt forest, and then, after a while, rainforest, and the World Heritage area.

After getting to the falls carpark, I set off down the hill to the falls. Travelling through lush cool rainforest with lots of treeferns, I soon came to the first cascade, which was very pretty. I almost lost the car key as it slipped out of my pocket I'd forgotten to zip. The second cascade consisted of a chute through which the water was being funnelled before shooting out over the falls. After another short distance, I came the third set of falls which are the ones called Liffey Falls. They are very beautiful and are in a beautiful and tranquil rainforest setting.

I decided to follow the track to the lower carpark, and found that it is also quite beautiful. It follows the Liffey river through rainforest, then bushland, with occasional views of the rocky bluffs of the Tiers. I returned the way I'd come, back to Liffey falls, then back to the car. There is a big eucalypt near the carpark, but at 50m, it is not as big as the ones I saw in the Tarkine.

Leaving the Falls, I drove out to the A5 highway, and followed it to Deloraine, driving past Quamby Bluff - a big, impressive rocky mountain which was once part of the Tiers. At Deloraine, I went to the supermarket to buy some food for the hike, and for meals till then, and checked into the YHA hostel. It has good views of the Great Western Tiers, and Quamby Bluff. I was the only one there, and apparently was the first person for a few days. I had dinner (burritos), and sat in front of the fireplace, leafing through the collection of national geographic magazines, most of which were interesting because they were quite old. (several were older than me)

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