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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Cataract Gorge 2

[image]This morning was taken up by domestic stuff namely washing clothes, and as I had to wash my jumper and thermals, as well as both pairs of pants, I was confined to my sleeping bag while it happened, to stay warm.
I got some lunch at subway, which was nice, as it had good salad, which I haven't had very much of while I've been away. After lunch, I decided to go up to Cataract Gorge again, and maybe go further this time.

Taking the easier north side track, to First Basin, I soon realised that the water was way lower than last time. This is probably explained by the fact that last time I saw some kayakers at Kings Park before I did the walk, so the dam was releasing water to make a good white water course. This time the water was very sedate, and it would have been difficult navigating a toy boat through some sections, let alone a kayak.
From First Basin, I followed the south bank up to the old power station, which was mildly interesting, and climbed the opposite bank to return via the other route. By the time I got back to the hostel, I was a bit tired, hungry and thirsty, and ready for dinner, which I cooked at the hostel.

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