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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Recovery 2 - Doctor, and Cataract Gorge

[image]I didn't have a fever last night, but instead had diarrhoea this morning, fortunately just one case, not the runs.
I'd decided that if I wasn't feeling good today I'd see a doctor, and I still felt queasy.
Conveniently there was a medical centre across the road from the hostel, and I went and made a booking, then went for a walk and came back for the appointment. The doctor said I probably had Giardia, and gave me a script for nausia relief pills, and another for diarrhoea if I needed it. I got the pills at a chemist then continued on my exploration of the town, ending up at Royal Park, and Kings Park.

I then decided to investigate Cataract Gorge. I walked to Kings Bridge, a pretty, wrought iron road bridge, then started up the zig-zag track. I soon found I was very weak from the illness, and could only climb the steep hill at a snails pace. The trail goes through dry bush to the top of the hill, where I could hear the sound of roaring water, and where there is a lookout platform which gives great views down on the gorge, with the water tumbling over and between boulders and rocks.
The track continues down to First Basin, where there is a swimming pool, kiosk, and chairlift. It would be nice on a hot summer day, although it would be better without the chairlift. I walked over the Alexandra Suspension Bridge, and stopped to rest at a picnic table. As I was sitting there, one of the local peacocks wandered past.
Feeling a bit worn out, I headed back along the northern track, which was much easier, as it was fairly flat, suspended on the side of the cliff wall at times. The walk is far from a wilderness walk, but is still well worth doing. On the way back, I noticed that there is a dyke surrounding the Tamar River.

I got a call from Zinta who said she'd been up in the Blue Tier, and had also managed to get sick (a chest problem). She also said she'd looked at doing the Overland Track, but found she'd have to walk 19km in a day. Unfortunately we got cut off, but I was kind of glad she didn't make it on the Overland track if she thought 19km was a long day.
Thinking I could handle a proper meal again, I got a burger and beer at the Royal Oak Hotel. Unfortunately, I think the beer reacted with me, as whilst I was eating, I started feeling worse and worse. I felt like my gut was tying itself in knots, and I could hear, and feel things rumbling in my gut.
Eventually it became quite painful and I went back to the hostel, where I soon discovered it was because I had a massive buildup of gas.
Yet again I went to bet early, feeling whacked.

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