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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Recovery 1

I had a slight fever again last night. I got up late and went for a wander, checking out Launceston. It is fairly different to Hobart it still has many historic buildings (especially churches) but the majority were brick, due to local material availability.
I also found that prices here seemed to be a little more expensive.
About lunchtime, I got a small pizza roll, and realised it was the only food I'd had for 24 hours. I dropped a film in for processing (from before I got the new camera) and got my flash card burned to CD (only $5 at Cyber-King) and sent some email.

Back at the hostel, I just rested till dinner time, when I found an expensive food hall, and managed to eat a whole large dinner. I figured I must be getting over the worst of the sickness. Again I flaked out to bed.

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