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Monday, April 26, 2004

Hobart, buying a new Camera

After breakfast, I went for a wander in the city to see if anything was going to be open, since I thought it might be a public holiday. It wasn't, lots of shops were opening and there was a fair bit of traffic a big change from yesterday.
It was good that it wasn't a public holiday, since before I left Sydney, I'd prety much decided to buy a Nikon D70 digital SLR camera, but as it was new and popular, no-one had stock. So now, a few weeks later, I wanted to see if there were any available in Hobart, and if so, how much they were.
Hence a fair bit of the day was consumed by checking prices, and chilling out, reading, while trying to decide whether to buy or not. Eventually, I did get one.
By the time the battery was charged, it was dinner time I just had some food left over from hiking (pasta) then went out to try out the camera. It wasn't exactly ideal conditions for testing, but at least I could get familiar with it. It was certainly a lot heavier than my point and shoot camera, but hopefully the estra weight will let me get the shots that previously were wrongly exposed or motion blurred when using Velvia slide film.

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