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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hobart to Port Arthur

After getting breakfast, I packed my stuff and put my pack in storage, as today, I planned to go to Port Arthur. I had an idea that I might walk from Fortescue Bay up to Eaglehawk neck, along the Tasman Trail, but I wasn't sure that I could get to Fortescue Bay, but figured I could walk or hitch as it wasn't over 17km.

I walked around town a little, trying out my camera further, and posted some stuff home, then headed for the domain (The Queens Domain). I though that there might be good views from the hill, and Jennifer had told me that the botanic gardens were nice.
It was quite a walk out to it (out past the supermarket) and was quite uninspiring when I got there it was a pretty huge area of land on a hill with very dry bushland on it. The bushland appeared to have been cleared at some stage as the trees are very widely spaced, with dry grass between. There are many sporting grounds along the ridge for cricket, soccer, athletics and other sports. There was a school athletics carnival in progress while I was there.
There was a sign pointing to a viewpoint, which I followed to the summit of the hill, but the views were not very good, mostly obscured by trees.

I went down the far side of the hill to the botanic gardens, and was getting a bit dehydrated and tired of it. The botanic gardens were pretty, but after having just done Frenchmans Cap and sseeing the lush, green, mossy rainforest surrounding the Franklin River, the gardens seemed very contrived, and not really anything like reality.
So I ended up not spending very long in the gardens and headed back over the hill to the supermarket, stopping at a takeaway for a drink and snack. I bought a few days food, then returned to get my pack, put my food in I, and went to the bus terminal for the 4pm bus.
When the bus turned up, it was apparent that it was a school bus as it's primary function. Fortunately the kids weren't too loud or too many. The bus stopped many times to drop them off, and eventually arrived at Port Arthur YHA at 6pm in the dark. The YHA hostel is an old large house with a country feel. I cooked up some more left over hiking food for dinner.

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