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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Today, I and 11 others were retrenched from my job at Keycorp. Maria, the head of access devices R&D sent an email to everyone in the group signalling a special meeting with the CEO. Everyone assumed that we were going to have some lay-offs. We went to the meeting and the assumption was proved correct.
About half of R&D was to go due to poor sales. We were to go back to work until we got a phonecall to come to the boardroom where we would be told if we were staying or going. we were all busy backing up personal files during this time.
I was called and was told I was going, effective today. I then had a brief meeting with an outplacement councillor.
When I returned to my desk and gave everyone the news, they were a little shocked. I had already been disconnected from the networks as well.

After packing up my stuff and giving the others a briefing on where everything was up to, I went out to lunch with Dave (who also was retrenched), Dimitri and Emma.
After lunch, Dave and I went to the Chelsea Hotel, then met up with virtually everyone from R&D at the Orchard Tavern, where we drank & ate all afternoon until about 6pm.

I had mixed emotions about being layed off. I had been planning to leave unless conditions changed and go travelling within months anyway, so the payout of $23,000 was very nice. On the other hand, I had become accustomed to working at Keycorp, and had quite a few friends there, so it was quite an event to be no longer working there. I had come however to very much dislike the politics of the place, it was getting in the way of the job.

With amazing timing, Jennifer sent me a text message saying that she was in Freycinet national park whilst I was at the Orchard Tavern. I texted her back and told her what had happened, and that I'd be up for some hiking in Tasmania. I didn't sleep very well that night since my life had been tipped upside down.

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