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Friday, April 02, 2004

Farewell Lunch

Today was the farewell lunch for everyone who was retrenched, I came into chatswood a little early to show the guys still at work how to create symbols for our electronic CAD system, since everyone who knew had been layed off. I also did some shopping and checked on the possibility of a flight to Tasmania.
Lunch was at the Orchard Tavern again, and was fun and fairly long. After this I texted Jennifer, and by 4:30pm, had organised a flight to Tasmania where we would meet up to do a hike in the Western Arthurs.

Then I went with Dave to the Chelsea Hotel, and drank beer until about 9:30 with others from work. Finally Peter Worhtington, Peter Tsulos and I went to the Gourmet Pizza Kitchen for dinner. The plane I had Booked left on Tuesday ad 6:45am. Very early, but better than the other option of arriving after 5:00pm.

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