EXIF Makernotes - Reference Information

Panasonic Makernote Format Specification

There are two types of Panasonic Makernote:

Panasonic Type 1 Makernote

Field Size Description
Header 12 Bytes "Panasonic\x00\x00\x00"
IFD Data Variable NON-Standard TIFF IFD Data using Panasonic Tags. There is no Next-IFD pointer after the IFD
Offsets are relative to the start of the TIFF header at the beginning of the EXIF segment

Panasonic Type 2 Makernote (Blank)

Field Size Description
Header 4 Bytes "MKED"
Junk 1 or 2 bytes Blank or Junk data

For format specifications of TIFF Image File Directory data, see Section 2 of: TIFF, Revision 6.0, June 3, 1992, Adobe Systems Incorporated

Panasonic Makernote Tags Definition

Tag # Name Type Details
0x0001 Quality Mode Numeric  
0x0002 Version String  
0x001C Macro Mode Numeric Lookup 1 = On
2 = Off
0x001F Record Mode Numeric Lookup 1 = Normal
2 = Portrait
9 = Macro
0x0E00 Print Image Matching Info PIM See Print Image Matching for specification