EXIF Makernotes - Reference Information

Kyocera / Contax Makernote Format Specification

Field Size Description
Header 22 Bytes "KYOCERA            \x00\x00\x00"
IFD Data Variable NON-Standard TIFF IFD Data using Kyocera Tags
IFD has no Next-IFD pointer at end of IFD, and
Offsets are relative to the start of the current IFD tag, not the TIFF header

For format specifications of TIFF Image File Directory data, see Section 2 of: TIFF, Revision 6.0, June 3, 1992, Adobe Systems Incorporated

Kyocera / Contax Makernote Tags Definition

Tag # Name Type Details
0x0001 Kyocera Proprietory Format Thumbnail Unknown Unknown Format
0x0E00 Print Image Matching Info PIM See Print Image Matching for specification