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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Western Arthurs Hike - Day 4 - Lake Oberon to Lake Cygnus

(Easter Sunday)
It rained lightly most of the night, but thanks to the platform, we didnít get too wet. It was still raining when we got up, and packed our stuff, although surprisingly, there were still reasonable views.
We had decided that we should go back to Lake Cygnus today, as the track notes indicated that the track was very rough and somewhat dangerous from here on, and we didn't have enough supplies for to make the hike a loop.
It stopped raining, but was still cloudy whilst we were climbing the steep section back toward Square lake. The mountains were still very impressive and beautiful, even with no sun, and at one point on the return to Lake Cygnus, we could see Bathurst Harbour, and beyond it, the ocean.
About halfway back to Lake Cygnus, we met a group of about six hikers out for a day walk from Lake Cygnus. We wouldn't have the camp to ourselves this time.
When we got to Lake Cygnus, we set up on one of the wooden platforms with another network of ropes, so that we were away from the other people. It rained again during the evening and night.

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