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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Exploring Bicheno

[image]Yesterday I'd booked 2 nights stay at the hostel, and had decided to check out Bicheno today.
After breakfast, I started out right near the hostel, by climbing Lookout Rock, which is a rock topped hill overlooking most of Bicheno. It was quite pleasant sitting up there in the sun for a while, until the wind came up, and sapped the warmth.

I descended down the other side of the hill, and found myself near the blowhole, which I went to. It was quite spectacular, even with the very small swell that was coming in. Occasionally a larger wave came in making it shoot water about 3 or 4 metres up. The blowhole was one end of a walking track around the Bicheno foreshore, which I decided to follow. It was not very well marked in places, but led around the rocky shoreline to "The Gulch" which is the harbour for Bicheno, and is between Governor Island and the rocky coastline. From there, the trail led around a headland, still on rocks, until it reached Waubs Beach a pretty little beach.

As I discovered, the rest of the walk is not worth doing, but not knowing that at the time, I walked on, going through weed infested low bush, with only occasional views of the sea. After some time, I came to Redbill Beach, which is the other end of the walk. I walked back along the roads, and stopped to get some fruit, a frozen pizza and extra topping supplies. I had thought about doing a local penguin tour, but at $18 it was fairly expensive for something I'd seen before.
I finished reading my book and went on another short walk before having my pizza for dinner.

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