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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sick!, Cradle Mountain to Launceston

I woke feeling better than last night, but still pretty ordinary. It was raining steadily. I went and found Annrieke and Jeroen in the cooking shelter again after a shower, and they had decided to catch a bus back to Lake St Clair rather than hitch in the rain. My bus to Launceston didn't come till 3:15pm which was a pain, so I went and had some breakfast in the café across the road ( the only other building in the area). While I was reading and eating, the others came over, soon their bus came and I said goodbye.

I then ordered some hot chips, but found that by halfway, I was feeling pretty queasy and couldn’t finish them. I then went back to the kitchen of the dorm rooms and sat around, reading for quite a while, feeling pretty low and cold. There was an old map of Tasmania on the wall of the kitchen, which was interesting as it was made before the Gordon River and Lake Pedder dams, and showed the original Lake Pedder, and the full length of the Port Davey Track, going all the way to Mount Field National Park.
It was still raining as it neared time for the bus, and I went back to the café, which was the pickup point, and felt up to a hot chocolate. The bus came and started on it's windy mountainous journey to Devonport, with rain for most of the way. Then it continued to Launceston. I booked into the metro YHA and pretty-much just crashed, fully clothed into bed.

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