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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Strahan to Lake St. Clair

[image]Today I was headed for Lake St Clair again. As the bus didn't come till 11am, I slept in a little, then packed my gear up. After getting some breakfast at Banjo's again, I went to the hostel and waited till the bus came.
The bus took about an hour to get to Queenstown, where it stopped for two hours. I got some lunch, and was in the process of writing a text message to Zinta, telling her when I'd be able to do the Walls of Jerusalem with her, when I got a text message from here. I rang, and she said she was interested in doing the overland with me too, but couldn't talk as she was in a meeting.
After wandering around Queenstown for a while, I got back on the bus. We went up through the bare, denuded hills as we left Queenstown, and the road wound around the bare hillls for quite some time. Eventually, we came out of them near a dammed lake, after which we entered the national parks.
I got a brief view of Frenchmans Cap from the road, and soon we were coming into Lake St Clair. I got a backpacker bed ($25), and had the room to myself. After cooking dinner, I packed all my stuff for the hike, so I could be ready to go early.

Before dinner, I had rung Zinta again, and had told here we could meet up if she wanted, on the track, as she had some stuff to do for a couple of days. She said she might be able to make it to Kia Ora Hut as I suggested, but wasn't sure.
During the night, I left the convection heater on, which was dumb, since I did the same thing at Strahan, with similar results halfway through the night I woke up sweating.

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