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Monday, April 19, 2004

Hobart to Lake St. Clair

Gaye and I had decided to do the Frenchmans Cap hike together, since we both wanted to do it.
After packing my stuff, I put a load of washing on. Gaye left and we'd arranged to meet back at the hostel at 2pm. While the washing was on, I went for a wander, looking for a bakery. I thought this would be an easy task for breakfast, but had great trouble finding a proper bakery. I t wasn't until after the washing was done, and I'd checked out that I found a full bakery "Banjos" near the camping shops.
I dropped a film in, bough some fuel and after eating by constitution dock for a bit, decided to check out the museum which was within sight to see if they had Peter Dombrovskis photos. They didnít, but they did have a many relics and paintings which were interesting.

After some ordinary but expensive lunch, I headed over to the supermarket, which is quite a walk.
I bought plenty of food, then caught the bus back to the city, got my photos, posted some stuff home, then went back to meet Gaye.
She was running a bit late, so I just chilled in front of the hostel for a while.

After repacking the car to fit my pack in, we set off for Lake St Clair. It was quite a long drive, and was mostly with the sun in our faces. We saw many logging trucks coming the other way fully loaded. We also passed a hydro power station.
At Lake St Clair, we booked in for the campsite at the massive visitors centre, then went and set up our tents. I lit a fire with much effort, but it burned really badly as all the wood was damp and big.
The sunset on the lake was very beautiful.

It was a bit of a shame we didn't catch up with Jennifer today, could be quite a while till I see again, as I will be travelling and she has run out of money.

The possums at the campsite were amazingly brazen as they went for your food. I had to give one a hard shove to make him stop Ė even poking it several times only made it come from a different angle.

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