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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Southport, Hastings springs, Cockle Creek

The sky was clear when we woke this morning, and the sun was shining. we packed slowly to let things dry again, but as we did the weather changed, and by the time we were almost ready to go, it started raining.

We drove the short distance to Hastings 'hot' springs, where it was $4.40 entry. They had a pool filled from the springs. It was a big disappointment, the pool was not hot, it was barely warm at all. After swimming for only about half an hour, we got out and had long hot showers, and sat in front of a big fireplace.
When we left, we went briefly back to the pub at Southport, which also ran the caravan park we had stayed in, to get some beer.

We then drove south to Cockle Creek. There were more areas of logged forest on the way.
The Cockle Creek area is very pretty. It is a calm bay with a narrow white beach running around it, and a few houses and several camp grounds on the shore.
We picked a campsite just a few metres from the beach, inside the Southwest National Park.

It rained again briefly as we set up our tents The Tasmanian weather seems to be very changeable often with several short rain showers as well as sun, cloud and wind in one day. I had a snooze while Gaye and Jennifer read and went for a walk.

The sky was very clear in the evening. We drank our beer, ate dinner, and stargazed I saw a satellite go past.
there were several pademelons hopping about We'd also seen them at Mount Field National Park, and Lake Cygnus. They are cute, but shy.
It was quite cold at night, causing our tents to become saturated with condensation.

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