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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Back to Hobart for resupply and on to Southport

We all went into Hobart early today. Gaye wanted to get the car checked, since the suspension was still making strange noises, and we all needed more food. I also needed some thongs or sandals as my boots were still soaking wet, and I wanted something to wear at campsites after a day walking through mud.

We left Mount Field about 8:30am and went to a café that Gaye liked in Hobart. She then dropped Jennifer and I off and took her car to be checked by a mechanic.
Jennifer and I went shopping together for a while, but then split up whilst she used the internet and I looked for sandals. After an hour of looking, I found that Tasmanians don’t seem to wear sandals much, at least not at this time of year, as virtually the only ones I could find were very expensive ones in camping stores. I eventually bought a $40 pair of slip on type sandals, but after wearing them for a while, I found that they were really "slip off" type, as that’s what they did. I think I'll have to put some tape on them to make them grip my feet better.

Jennifer & I then met up at the supermarket to buy food, and caught a convinient bus back to the city. We walked to Salamanca Place where we met Gaye again. She said the mechanic had checked over the suspension, and said nothing was wrong, so it must have just been bottoming out occasionally due to the huge amount of gear in the car.

After a quick beer, we got in the car and headed south, we intended to go to the Hastings hot springs, then down to Cockle Creek where Gaye was thinking of doing and overnight walk along the first day of the South Coast Track.
We left Hobart about 4:30 and were going to camp at a campsite shown on our map near Dover. We couldn’t find the turnoff to the campsite, there were heaps of tracks, but all were barred with a gate due to logging.
It's frightening how much logging is going on in Tassie, I've seen more logging trucks here than I've ever seen in my life. Even in the middle of Hobart city you can see the trucks going past.

Since we couldn't find the camp site turnoff, we continued to Southport, where there was a caravan park. It only cost us $5 to camp for all of us – cheaper than Mt Field, which was $6 each. By this time it was quite dark.

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