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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Western Arthurs Hike - Day 6 - out to Mt Field NP

We got an early start today and were hiking by 8am. It was a bit depressing going back into the mud again, but at least it would soon be over. There was low cloud / fog enveloping the track for about the first hour, until the sun burned through. Once that happened, we could see the jagged peaks of the Western Arthurs in the distance.
The mud continued for another couple of hors until the improved part of the track, and soon we saw the first road, then heard the first car, and knew we were back in civilisation. (Relatively anyway – the Trail head is still a long long way from a town)
Soon we came to the end of the track where we had started six days before. We signed out of the track, and had a rest and some food and beer from Gayes car, then went about trying to wash off enough mud to allow us to get into the car.
There were beautiful views of Lake Pedder and the Western Arthurs as we drove back toward Mount Field National Park. We went a little past the national park however, to Westbury to get a lunch of burgers and chips – yum!
We then went to the Celtic Café just outside the national park entrance, and had some coffe before heading into the campsite. We had planned a routine / roster for the washing / showering / setting up, so that we could keep use of the washer and dryer. It all worked and we were soon feeling like new people. I cleaned my boots at a tap, and was amazed by how much mud came out of them and my socks.
After we were all clean, we went to the local pub which was pretty dodgy. There was a mean, scary looking bloke in the bar, - we went into the dining area instead and drank beer, ate chips, talked and watched TV until the late hour of 8:30 when we went back to the camp and went to bed.

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