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Friday, April 09, 2004

Western Arthurs Hike - Day 2 - Lake Cygnus

(Good Friday)
The morning brought little change to the weather, still enveloping cloud, and cold wind, with a light rain.
As we were packing up camp, we heard a person calling, and called back. After several minutes, we saw a man approaching, although we had been expecting to see Jennifer. He was going out, and said Jennifer was at Lake Cygnus, 20 minutes away.

We started along the track again and soon came to a steep descent into Lake Cygnus.
The lake is surrounded by towering grey crags. It has a tent site hardened against the alpine bog with rubber matting and gravel, and two other wooden platforms. It has a "toilet" consisting of a big container with a lid on top which can be flown out when full.
We all quickly decided to spend the day at Lake Cygnus due to the poor weather, and so spent most of the day in our tents reading, sleeping or eating while the wind and rain continued outside.
There was a brief period when the sky cleared, and we climbed the mountain behind Lake Cygnus to see the views.

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