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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Sydney to Hobart to Mt. Field NP

I got up really early (4:40am) and quickly got ready. The taxi I'd booked arrived at 5am and took me to the airport. After finding the correct terminal (T2 not T1 as I discovered), I checked in and got a snack whilst I waited for boarding.

The flight was uneventful with only brief views of the royal national park, and some forested hills in Tasmania.
Hobart "International" Airport is rather funny because of its small size. It has no jetways just mobile stairs for disembarking.

I caught a shuttle bus to the city centre, then went to the information centre, where I learned about the nearest supermarkets and camping shops. I shopped for fuel, a little more food, maps of the western arthurs, film, a diary, beer and some other stuff.
I had some nachos for lunch, then found the bus terminal. I spent the afternoon till the 4:00pm bus sitting in the park in front of parliament house, and by the harbour, relaxing in the sunshine which was much warmer than Sydney had been with it's rain!
I was also looking at and dreaming about the Aurora Australis, and going to Antarctica.
Hobart seems to have a large number of historic buildings, and is pretty nice.

The bus ride to Mount Field National Park was uneventful, only one other guy was on the bus. The Derwent valley seemed very dry, with pastures in the valley and forest on the hills either side. Mount Field was where the pastures ended, and the mountains and continuous forest began.
Jennifer was at the National Park office where I was dropped off by the bus. After setting up camp, Jennifer's friend Gaye turned up. She was due tomorrow, but wanted to get out of Hobart, so she drove out to Mount Field. The plan was that we would all do a hike in the Western Arthurs together.
It was quite cold at Mount Field in the evening.

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