ActiveX 2D Graph component

This my ActiveX version of a MFC graphing class originally written by Paul Barvinko.

This control is completely free but unsupported.


Click here for a Live Demo of the ActiveX control
(You will probably need to change your security settings to allow this)
(Currently it doesn't contain any graphs)


Click here for a screenshot instead.

Download the control

Using the control

  1. To use the Graph2D control you need first to register it. Do this by unzipping the files to the directory where you want to store them. Then run the "\Bin\Register.bat" file.
  2. You can test if the component is installed and working by opening the file "\Bin\Graph2D.htm".

Visual C++

  1. Insert the Class into your project by selecting "Project - Add to Project - Components and Controls" then selecting the Graph2D control.
  2. Now you should be able to use the class as a CWnd derived class

Visual Basic

  1. Right click your Control toolbox and choose add controls and select the Graph2D control
  2. The control should be ready to use as a normal control

Reference Documentation has not yet been written, however please consult Paul Barvinko's site

This control is distributed "as is". It is not covered by any warranties or obligations.
Use this component in your applications at your own risk.
If using in your applications, please mention author in credits for your app.

Your comments and questions are welcome.: : evan@ozhiker.com