PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit

Files in "library"

Write_File_Info.phpExample script which receives File Info data from web and writes the data to a JPEG file
PIM.phpFunctions for reading Print Image Matching info
XMP.phpFunctions for reading and writing a XMP / RDF / Dublin Core segment
get_exif_thumb.phpA script which extracts and displays a first IFD EXIF Thumbnail
Edit_File_Info_Example.phpExample script which allows Photoshop File Info to be edited online
IPTC.phpFunctions for reading and writing IPTC-NAA IIM info
get_ps_thumb.phpA script which extracts and displays a Photoshop IRB Thumbnail
pjmt_utils.phpUtility functions for the toolkit
get_casio_thumb.phpA script which extracts and displays a Casio Type 2 EXIF Makernote Thumbnail
JFIF.phpFunctions for reading and writing a JFIF segment
TIFFExample.phpExample script showing how to read EXIF from a TIFF file
EXIF_Tags.phpInternal definitions of the tags for EXIF
Edit_File_Info.phpProduces HTML for a Photoshop File Info online editor
PictureInfo.phpFunctions for reading and writing a Picture Info segment
Toolkit_Version.phpProvides a single place where the current version of the toolkit is stored.
XML.phpFunctions for parsing and constructing XML information
EXIF.phpFunctions for reading EXIF Information
COPYING.txtThe GNU Public License which covers the PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit
Unicode.phpFunctions for working with UTF-8 and UTF-16 unicode strings without needing the php mbstring extension
get_JFXX_thumb.phpA script which extracts and displays a JFIF Extension Thumbnail
Photoshop_IRB.phpFunctions for reading and writing a Photoshop IRB segment
Example.phpAn example script showing how to display metadata from JPEG files
EXIF_Makernote.phpInternal functions for reading EXIF Makernote Information
Photoshop_File_Info.phpFunctions for reading and writing metadata in the same way that Photoshop writes File Info data
JPEG.phpFunctions for reading and writing JPEG segments
get_minolta_thumb.phpA script which extracts and displays a Minolta EXIF Makernote Thumbnail

Copyright (c) 2004 Evan Hunter