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The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit is a library of functions which allows manipulation of many types of metadata that reside in a JPEG image file.

The metadata that can be accessed by this library include:

EXIF, DCF & TIFF/EP - including makernotes Contains Digital Camera Settings. Can contain a thumbnail.
XMP, RDF & Dublin Core, including multiple language support Can contain Digital camera settings and text headings/captions.
Photoshop IRB & IPTC-NAA IIM Contains Photoshop settings and can contain text headings/captions. Can contain a thumbnail.
Picture Info Contains Digital Camera Settings for older cameras
JFIF & JFIF Extension Contains limited info about the image and can contain a thumbnail
Intrinsic JPEG Values Contains limited info configuration of the image

Other features


The toolkit requires PHP 4 or higher - Has been tested with PHP 4.3.7 and 4.3.8