The PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit

Click Here to Try It! - You might notice the Hindi characters, custom colours and that Photoshop CS wiped the EXIF makernote.

Version 1.12 (21/9/11) - Fixes to remove serious vulnerability found by Rocco Calvi

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Download Now! Version 1.12 (GNU Public License)

Allows reading, writing and display of the following JPEG metadata formats

  • EXIF 2.2 - including makernotes
  • XMP / RDF, including multiple language support
  • Dublin Core
  • IPTC-NAA IIM 4.1
  • Photoshop IRB
  • Picture Info
  • JFIF
  • DCF 2.0
  • JFIF Extension
  • Embedded s
  • Intrinsic JPEG Values

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